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Radioulnar Fracture in Dogs

Today, we will be talking about radioulnar fractures found in a light-weighted toy poodle.


The radioulnar are the long bones below the elbow of the forearm.

Fractures are commonly detected in those areas in small dog breeds.


Fractures can occur easily in small, thin-boned dogs. For example, after when they are accidentally dropped from being carried, or dropped from the couch etc.


Shown below are examples of two 1kg puppies who visited us because constant lifting of  their forelegs were observed after falling down.












The type of surgery depends on where and how the fracture occurred. According to each dog’s condition, it was necessary to treat them with either fracture reductions using a plate and wire, or with external fixations etc.

Since we are treating a radioulnar fracture this time, fracture reductions using a plate was performed. Although rest was needed for a while after the operation, both of them seem to have no problems with walking actively.


Surgery is tougher for small dog breeds who possess thin bones. Besides, if the fracture occurs near the tip of the bone instead of the middle, the level of difficulty of the surgery is higher.

Surgeries for fractures often require delicate and advanced techniques, as a small surgical error could cause postoperative complications.


In our hospital, we have a specialized outpatient clinic for osteology patients! Surgeries are also available here so please do not hesitate to talk to us if you detect any limping or pain in your dogs.


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